College/University Dance Educator of the Year Award

This award honors a professional in higher education who has a full-time appointment and has primary responsibility in the field of dance, which may include teaching and/or administration.   

  • Is a member of SHAPE America for a minimum of three consecutive years and with a minimum of five years of teaching experience, with academic rank at a community college, college, or university;
  • Has a major responsibility for teaching dance (technique, theory, choreography, teacher preparation, recreational dance forms, etc.) at the community college, college, or university level;
  • Currently producing scholarly materials or other creative work;
  • Teaches creatively and utilizes various methodologies or teaching innovations;
  • Promotes an understanding of dance as a creative art through the discussion of aesthetics of students' own works and/or the works of others;
  • Emphasizes the significance of dance as an integral cultural component that enables students to understand their own cultural heritage as well as that of others;
  • Presents a balanced and sequential curriculum based on the developmental, social, and psychological needs of the students;
  • Provides opportunities for students to share their creative work with appropriate audiences;
  • Encourages a comprehensive appreciation for dance as a performing art, engaging in "live" or filmed performances and works;
  • Applies the National Dance Standards in the dance curriculum;
  • Shows professional commitment through membership and active participation in local, state, and/or national dance organizations;
  • Serves as a positive role model for students and professional peers.  

Deadline for Nominations: September 15 

Send name and address of nominee to Karen Dowd at