National Dance Standards Grades K-4

Children in grades K-4 love to move and learn through engagement of the whole self. They need to become literate in the language of dance in order to use this natural facility as a means of communication and self-expression, and as a way of responding to the expression of others. Dancing and making dances provide them with skills and knowledge necessary for all future learning in dance and gives them a way to celebrate their humanity.

The following material is excerpted from the National Standards for Dance Education.
Content Standards:
  • Identifying and demonstrating movement elements and skills in performing dance
  • Understanding choreographic principles, processes and structures
  • Understanding dance as a way to create and communicate meaning
  • Applying and demonstrating critical and creating thinking skills in dance
  • Demonstrating and understanding dance in various cultures and historical periods
  • Making connections between dance and healthful living
  • Making connections between dance and other disciplines
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