National Physical Education & Sport Week

National PE & Sport Week (also known as May Week) is a celebration of the importance of physical education and health education, in addition to kicking off National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

This year — to celebrate 50 years of Title IX — we’ve included some Title IX-themed activities for you to use in your HPE classes.

And as always during National PE & Sport Week, we’d like to give a big shout out to our nation’s health and physical education teachers for their work teaching life-changing skills to young people.

Thank you!


Celebrate May Week 2022

It’s easy to celebrate National Physical Education & Sport Week at YOUR school!

About SHAPE America

SHAPE America – Society of Health and Physical Educators serves as the voice for 200,000+ health and physical education professionals across the United States. The organization’s extensive community includes a diverse membership of health and physical educators, as well as advocates, supporters, and 50+ state affiliate organizations.

Since its founding in 1885, the organization has defined excellence in physical education. For decades, SHAPE America’s National Standards for K-12 Physical Education have served as the foundation for well-designed physical education programs across the country. Additionally, the organization helped develop and owns the National Health Education Standards.

National PE & Sport Week

SHAPE America's SEL-based health. moves. minds. program helps teachers inspire healthy habits, fuel active minds, and teach kids to thrive physically and emotionally. It also has flexible fundraising options so you can raise money for your HPE program ... and even a local charity!

Save the Date

Join #ProjectACES in the “World’s Largest Exercise Class” on Wednesday, May 4 beginning at 10 a.m. EDT.