Think Like a Teacher-Researcher
Think Like a Teacher-Researcher
Think Like a Teacher-Researcher When Assessing and Showing Student Learning


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Date Recorded: Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are you collecting data to show student learning? Regardless of what your state calls the initiative, you are being asked to identify goals for student learning, determine logical assessment procedures, share your results and discuss next steps. "Action research" is a form of practitioner-based research that offers guidance for all of the above steps. The goal of this webinar is to advocate teacher use of action research to: (a) connect practice and theory; (b) improve quality of assessments; and (c) rethink the teacher evaluation process. Teachers will gain insight into steps for getting started with both individual and cooperative action research.

Learning Objectives:

  • Empower teachers to use action research as a way to approach planning for, collecting, and presenting data about changes in student learning.
  • Outline steps to success for getting started with individual and cooperative action research.
  • Provide examples of trends in and opportunities for teacher research in schools.
  • Identify resources that support teacher communities of practice that investigate together and/or talk about results of their work as teachers.

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