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Our four member journals publish over 150 articles in any given volume year. These were the most downloaded in 2016.

(RQES) Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Top 10 Research Questions Related to Teaching Games for Understanding
Daniel Memmert, Len Almond, David Bunker, et al.
(AJHE) American Journal of Health Education
Association of Stress, General Health, and Alcohol Use with Poor Sleep Quality among U.S. College Students
Teresa D. Valerio, Myoung Jin Kim, & Kathy Sexton-Radek
(JOPERD) Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
Behavior Management: Examining the Functions of Behavior
Andrew E. Alstot & Crystal D. Alstot
(Strategies) A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators
Setting Goals for Achievement in Physical Education Settings
Timothy Baghurst, Tyler Tapps, & Weston Kensinger

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No more joiners: Why kids are dropping out of sports 
CBC Sports From May 11: At a time when sports appear to be more popular than ever at elite levels, participation rates across age groups continue to decline, according to a new study prepared by Vital Signs and the True Sport Foundation. By about age 13, many youngsters have already stepped away from an active lifestyle. And it can't simply be chalked up to laziness, video games or "kids these days."

CrossFit workout fad powers its way into school PE classes
Chicago Tribune From Oct. 6: The most popular PE class at Illinois' Waukegan High School takes place in a basement field house that has the ambience of a dungeon. It's the school's version of CrossFit, the intense and trendy exercise regimen that has exploded in popularity over the last 16 years. Schools around the Chicago area have adopted CrossFit to stir student interest at a time of rising youth obesity, and some say it's reaching children left cold by traditional PE classes.

New Nebraska PE standards emphasize 'physical literacy'
Omaha World-Herald From Oct. 12: New physical education standards adopted recently for Nebraska public schools emphasize sports and activities that students can engage in over a lifetime. Marybell Avery, a SHAPE America board member and a consultant to the team that wrote the standards, said local district officials have been "eagerly awaiting" the final standards. "We've been asking for guidance as to what a quality program should look like," she said.

The relationship between physical activity and brain function
By Dorothy L. Tengler  From Nov. 30: We have all heard the advice about feeling, thinking and performing better overall — drink more water, exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep. While we all have good intentions, how many of us really follow this advice on a regular basis? Our executive functions are those higher-level cognitive skills we use to control and coordinate our other cognitive skills and behaviors, and our executive system guides how we organize our lives and execute those plans.

Morning fitness generates academic success
PHIT America From Oct. 26: The Academy for Enriched Sciences in the San Fernando Valley in southern California lives by this motto: "Moving together every morning for healthier minds, bodies, and attitudes." It's an approach to education that works and has been brought to the school by Apryl Krakovsky, the founder of My School in Motion. The Academy for Enriched Sciences is one of many schools around the United States getting their students physically active before school begins.
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