Jump Rope For Heart/Hoops

Why Get Involved?

Jump Rope For Heart (JRFH)

JRFH was created by a physical education teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1978. It's a fun event geared toward elementary school and teaches students to set and achieve goals through community service.

The elementary school years encompass a time when children establish a foundation for movement skills. These are also the years when positive learning experiences can help establish a positive attitude and appreciation for participating in regular, daily physical activity for life. JRFH aids in the student's development in all these aspects and teaches students that they can make a difference!

Hoops For Heart (HFH)

HFH was created in 1989 by two physical educators in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It's an event geared toward middle school aged students that provides opportunity to learn basketball skills.

Middle school age students are at a prime time where they need regular physical activity to improve strength and endurance, reduce anxiety and stress, help control weight, build healthy bones and muscles, and increase self-esteem. Young people can build healthy bodies and establish healthy lifestyles well into adulthood by including physical activity in their daily lives. The HFH program aids in establishing this important lifelong habit!