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Physical Activity Leader (PAL)
Learning System

Action-focused training that prepares and supports champions for physical education and physical activity in schools.
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PAL Training Competencies

You will develop:

Content Knowledge
Guidelines, national standards, resources and why Active Kids Do Better

Inspiring others, skill set needed to implement CSPAP, and learning how to initiate, manage and facilitate sustainable change

Communications and Promotion
Making the case for youth physical activity through messaging and promotion

Building relationships with diverse stakeholders and engaging others

The Physical Activity Leader (PAL) Learning System teaches individuals how to become change agents in their school communities, to ensure 60 minutes a day of physical activity for all students.

The PAL Learning System is a half-day, in person leadership workshop.

PALs leave the in-person workshop with:

  • The formula and tools — adaptable to their individual school environment — for making sustainable change and shifting to a culture of physical education and physical activity.
Learning System 

The half-day leadership workshop — led by a certified PAL trainer — is targeted for groups of 30-50. All training materials, communications and logistical support are provided.

Call 703-476-3400 for information on pricing.

Who should attend: School leaders, physical educators, classroom teachers, parents or community leaders who want to champion active learning environments for school-aged youth
How do I sign up: Contact us by submitting your info here or via email at [email protected] to learn more about hosting a training or to sign up for a workshop in your area.

PAL launches in 2014

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The PAL Learning System is founded on a federal model with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Department of Education.

Ultimately, in schools across the country, trained Physical Activity Leaders will be at the forefront of efforts to get our nation's kids moving again.