Ditch the Textbook
Ditch the Textbook

Ditch the Textbook: Health Education in the Flipped Classroom


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Date Recorded: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Health Education in the Flipped Classroom

Say "health textbook" and most people think of words like boring, dated, ineffective and expensive. How unfortunate because no other school subject deals with more topics considered important to students — feelings, challenges, relationships, decisions, etc. What if health education centered around healthy behavior outcomes (HBOs) instead of drugs, sex, and sushi rolls (nutrition). Can health be a cool class? Absolutely! When the educational experience is student-centered instead of subject-center, health education is "all about me." Learn how to ditch the textbook in favor of a peer-driven, (yet teacher facilitated) environment where students embrace healthy behaviors, not simply health information.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what it means to make health education student-centered and peer-driven (rather than content-centered and teacher-driven).
  • Describe what a flipped classroom looks like in health education.
  • Discuss how to move health education beyond standards to include healthy behavior outcomes.
  • Recognize how to unleash the promise and power of blended learning.

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