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SHAPE America to host national convention in Cleveland

“It’s the largest gathering of health educators and physical educators in the country,” she added. “We really try to sort of travel the country to be able to offer the opportunity for high-quality professional development, networking, connections to exhibitors, vendors in the field and things like that.”

Education Week

Unsafe Health Claims Dominate Social Media. Health Class Can Give Students Vetting Tools

The Society for Physical Education and Health Education’s new K-12 standards, set to be released in March, include strands focused on media literacy and analyzing health influences.

The standards are aimed at “trying to help students be able to figure out not only if the sources are valid, but also figure out how to confirm information that you’re reading,” Benes said. “It’s exploring all the elements that you need in order to be able to identify a potentially not-reliable source of information, to look critically at what you’re reading and determine the extent to which the claims being made are accurate or truthful.”

Education Week

Teaching About Grief and Loss: One State’s New Requirement for Schools

While the Society of Health and Physical Educators, the professional organization for health educators, doesn’t specifically include grief in its model standards, the group hopes the skills-based approach to identifying and managing emotions it recommends will help students learn to cope, said Sarah Benes, the organization’s president.

“By focusing on skills, it supports transfer across a range of emotions and building the toolbox students can access when managing difficult situations, including grief,” she said.

The Lund Report

Schools weigh priorities when tackling substance use prevention

Sarah Benes, the president of the Society of Health and Physical Educators, said the extremely limited time educators are able to spend teaching health is a national problem.

She thinks that the social and environmental factors that drive drug use play a bigger role in kids’ decisions to use than health education could. That said, she also thinks better and more health education has enormous potential to give kids the tools they need to do a good job navigating difficult choices about exercise, nutrition, sex and drugs, among other topics.