A Primer for Teaching a Skills-Based Approach in Health Education

Workshop Overview (full or half day)
The workshop provides the fundamentals of a skills-based approach to health education in which the focus is on developing student proficiency in the skills of the National Health Education Standards. There will be discussion on strategies for facilitating skill development through relevant and functional information. By the end of the workshop, participants will have the tools needed to transition to a skills-based approach to health education in their course, school and/or district.

Lesson Planning for Skills-Based Health Education in the Secondary Classroom

Workshop Overview (half day)

During this 4-hour session, participants will move beyond theory and into development and creation of a skills-based health education program. With the skill development model as a guide, participants will consider appropriate learning activities for each level of skill development and for a variety of skills. Ways to effectively integrate functional information into units to support skill development will be discussed. Participants will leave the session with examples of learning activities and assessments designed to support students in developing skills of the National Health Education Standards to proficiency so that they can maintain or enhance their health.