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PE Metrics is the standards-based, cognitive and motor skill assessment package, that uses valid and reliable evaluation tools to measure student progress toward achieving the National Standards for Physical Education.

The PE Metrics package includes video demonstrations as well as books and professional development; everything you need for comprehensive, high-quality physical education assessment.

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PE Metrics Will Help You:
  • Assess critical outcomes that all students should achieve as they progress through the grade levels.
  • Create reports that you can use to assess, compare and improve the quality of instruction and programs.
  • Provide information to parents that shows them that teaching and learning are happening in physical education.

Students enter the classroom with a diverse set of cognitive and motor skills. Due to those varying student abilities, it is necessary for teachers to have a reliable assessment tool. PE Metrics enables teachers to assess student success, identify needs and inform teaching practice.

What Does PE Metrics Measure?

PE Metrics products provide quality assessments that measure student success in meeting critical indicators for all (5) National Standards for Physical Education:

  • Competency in motor skills and movement patterns.
  • Students' understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies and tactics.
  • Fitness concepts and characteristics of a physically active lifestyle.
  • Students' knowledge of social responsibility and appropriate behavior during physical activity.
How Can PE Metrics Support Your Physical Education Program?
  • K-12 teachers can use PE Metrics to assess their students, evaluate their programs and open the door to new funding/grant opportunities.
  • School administrators can monitor program success across their schools or districts.
  • State administrators can evaluate the success of physical education programs within schools across the state.
  • College/university faculty can train future professionals in standards-based assessment.
  • Researchers can use the data collected from PE Metrics in future research projects.

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