Every Student Succeeds Act

10 Top Tools for Health and Physical Educators

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) identifies school health and physical education as part of a student’s “well-rounded education,” along with other subjects such as art, music, civics, science and more. This new federal education legislation provides increased access to funds for health and PE programs (including professional development) and allows states and school districts to set their own priorities for funding and accountability.  
It’s critical to have a voice for health and physical education at the table as decisions are made in the months ahead. Use the following tools to become that voice in your school district.

Getting Started With ESSA Become the ESSA expert in your school with this free, 20-page e-guide.


ESSA Fact Sheet Get a concise, one-page overview of the new legislation.


Title IV, Part A Fact Sheet Learn all the details about the flexible block grants available under Title IV, Part A that will provide schools with access to funds for school health and physical education.


State Advocacy Toolkit Access customized, state-specific ESSA tools and key stakeholders for your state.


ESSA Support Letter Use this customizable template to stakeholders for support as your state sets priorities for ESSA implementation.


PE + Health = Student Success Use this visual piece to show the benefits of health and physical education for students, from improved academic performance to reduced discipline referrals and more.


ESSA Video Watch this engaging video to understand the new legislation, its potential impact on school health and physical education, and the need to take action now.


Title IV, Part A Action Alert Urge your members of Congress to allocate sufficient funding for ESSA with this online form.


ESSA Impact on HPE PowerPoint Make an impact on stakeholders with this presentation.


Be a Backyard Advocate You don’t have to go all the way to Capitol Hill for your voice to be heard on the value of health education and physical education in schools.