SHAPE America Summer Institute The Inclusive Classroom: Where ALL Students Belong
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Get Ready to Learn About New Techniques ... New Technologies ... and New Standards

Students and teachers have been through a lot in the last few years.

And now, educators everywhere are realizing that “students are different.” Tried-and-true teaching techniques are less effective. New concepts are emerging in education, too. When ChatGPT and other AI tools swept into schools at an unprecedented rate, teachers had to get up to speed quickly … adding “one more thing” to their already busy schedules.

The 2024 SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards and 2024 SHAPE America National Health Education Standards are reflective of this changing landscape in education. The revised standards introduce new concepts and instructional strategies that aim to reach today’s students.

If you want to get better equipped to teach HPE in this rapidly changing world, make plans to join us at the 2024 SHAPE America Summer Institute in Minneapolis, July 29-30!

It’s All Here: What You Need to Teach Today’s Students

During this two-day event, you will:

  • Get first access to new resources and professional learning based on SHAPE America’s new National Physical Education Standards and National Health Education Standards;
  • Learn new teaching strategies and classroom management techniques;
  • Discover new technologies to improve instruction and student engagement in HPE; and
  • Explore how to integrate new standards-based concepts in your HPE classes to keep students healthy and thriving.

The Call for Proposals for this event opens in early 2024.