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January / February 2024



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  January-February 2024 (Volume 55, Issue 1)

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Comparing the Use and Effectiveness of In-person and Remote Physical Education Delivery During the COVID-19 Pandemic

– Kempson Onadeko, Timothy J. Walker, Derek W. Craig, Andjelka Pavlovic, Jacob Szeszulski, Laura F. DeFina & Harold W. Kohl III

Background: Developmentally, social relationships are critical in the lives of emerging adults; however, little research has been focused on the types of protective behaviors that individuals on college campuses engaged in during the pandemic.

Purpose: This study examines predictors of emerging adults’ self-protective behaviors with a focus on COVID stress.

Methods: Participants were 132 undergraduate participants who completed a series of online measures aimed at assessing COVID-19 stress and various self-protective behaviors.

Results: Using sanitizer, wearing masks, and notifying people of contact were the most prevalent self-protective behaviors. COVID-19 stress, particularly trauma, was the only significant predictor of self-protective behaviors. Results also showed that for women trauma predicted self-protective behavior and women in general reported more COVID-19 trauma.

Discussion: Although most participants reported engaging in some type of self-protective behaviors, the data suggest that psychological factors are important for predicting these behaviors.

Translation to Health Education Practice: This research offers insight into the need for college/university campuses to prioritize both physical health behaviors and also mental health consequences during the pandemic consistent with several NCHEC responsibilities.

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