Graduate & Undergraduate


Adapted PE/Activity Graduate Student of the Year Award 

The Adapted PE/Activity Graduate Student of the Year Award honors exemplary graduate level students in the field of adapted PE/PA who has demonstrated significant service and contributions to individuals with disabilities.


Graduate Student Research Award

The Graduate Student Research Award is awarded to an outstanding author(s) and
presenter(s) of a research program for the SHAPE America national convention. The award is intended to recognize and encourage graduate student scholarship.


Major of the Year Award

SHAPE America is proud to honor exemplary students majoring in an HPERD field through the Outstanding Major of the Year Program. Faculty advisors/professors are encouraged to nominate one outstanding student per major per College/University.


Measurement and Evaluation Graduate Student Award

The purpose of this scholarship is to assist graduate students focusing on psychomotor measurement and evaluation in paying their professional expenses.


NAGWS Legacy Award

National Girls and Women in Sports (NAGWS) was founded in 1899 with the mission of increasing opportunities for girls and women in sport.